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Yu-hua QIN


The cyclic voltammgram of Mb/AAO/Au Colloid/GCE shows a pair of well-defined and nearly reversible peaks at about-0.20 V(vs.Ag/AgCl) in 0.1 mol/L NaAc-HAc buffer(pH = 5.4),being the characteristic peaks of the Mb heme Fe(Ⅲ) / Fe(Ⅱ)redox couples.The electron transfer between Mb and the electrode was greatly enhanced under present testing conditions.The effects of scan rate,pH and buffers concentration on the electrochemical behaviors of Mb were studied in detail.Position of the Soret absorbance band suggested that Mb in chitosan-colloidal gold hept its secondary structure similar to the native states.Oxygen was catalytically reduced by Mb in chitosan-colloidal gold films.


myoglobin(Mb), chitosan, colloidal gold, direct electrochemistry, electrochemical catalysis

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