The formation of PANI coating on the surface of PET fiber and fabric was obtained by in-situ polymerization method.The coating′s thickness was about 1~2 μm.Orthogonal test methodology was used to analyze the main factors of preparation of PANI / PET conductive fabric.The effects of the aniline monomer concentration,oxidant: aniline molar ratio,doping acid concentration and types,reaction time on the conductivities of the fabric were studied.The structure of the polymer were characterized by SEM,FTIR and XRD.The results indicated that there was uniform and continuous polyaniline film on the surface of polyester fabric.The contents of oxidation and reduction of polyaniline molecular chain structure were basically the same.And the polyaniline infiltrated the fiber,so that amorphous area of the fiber increased and the crystallinity reduced.


in-situ polymerization, polyaniline, polyester, conductive fabric

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