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Wen-bin CAI(wbcai@fudan.edu.cn)


A Pd-Ni alloy film was electrodeposited on Au disc electrode at a constant potential from a weakly basic bath containing PdCl2,NiSO4 and ethylenediamine.The as-deposited film was then subjected to potential cycling in a perchloric acid solution for surface dealloying treatment.The dealloyed Pd-Ni film electrode was examined for the electrocatalytic oxidation of formic acid,and compared with the as-deposited one as well as a Pd film electrode.The FE-SEM and electrochemical measurements on the Pd-Ni films revealed that the dealloying treatment caused a surface roughening and an increase in specific surface reaction area.The ICP-AES and XPS analyses demonstrated that the preferential dissolution of Ni in the dealloying treatment led to a Pd-rich outer layer in the resultant Pd-Ni film.The electrocatalysis measurements indicated that the dealloyed Pd-Ni electrode is superior to the as-deposited Pd-Ni as well as the Pd electrode in terms of the electro-oxidation of formic acid.


Pd-Ni alloy, dealloyment, formic acid, electrocatalysis

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