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Zi-dong WEI(zdwei@cqu.edu.cn)


This review presents the study of Chongqing University in electrocatalysis for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells(PEMFCs).Based on the understanding to the performance degradation of PEMFCs' catalysts,the university has being concentrated on how to increase the activity,stability and utility of noble metal catalysts.It covers the molecular design of near-surface alloy catalysts for improvement of activity to oxygen reduction reaction(ORR) and resistance to foreign poison species,selective deposition of Pt on the so-called "three-phase interface" for a high Pt utility,and invention of anti-flooding electrode against water flooding in the catalyst layer of the membrane assemble electrode(MEA),and so on.The catalytic mechanism of electrode reactions involved in the PEMFCs,such as ORR,oxidation of methanol and formic acid,has been also studied and reviewed in this paper.


fuel cell, electrocatalysis, oxygen reduction reaction, methanol oxidation, formic acid oxidation, DFT, electrode dynamics, anti-flooding, Pt utility

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