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Ge-ping YIN


Instability of the carbon-supported Pt(Pt/C) catalyst at the cathode is one of the key technical challenges for the development of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells(DMFCs).In this paper,an efficient approach to enhancing the stability of the cathode catalyst was explored by designing and synthesizing a novel nanocomposite support,RuO2 coated carbon black(RuO2/C).Firstly,a wet chemical method was employed to synthesize the RuO2/C nanocomposite,from which Pt/RuO2/C catalyst was further prepared by a microwave method.The morphology and crystalline structure of the RuO2/C support and Pt/RuO2/C catalyst were then characterized by TEM and XRD.Finally,the electrochemical performance of the RuO2/C support and Pt/RuO2/C catalyst was analyzed by cyclic voltammetry,steady-state anodic corrosion,and rotating disk electrode techniques.The results showed that the Pt/RuO2/C catalyst had significantly improved methanol permeability and stability compared to the Pt/C one,which would extend the service life of DMFC cathode.This Pt/RuO2/C catalyst opens up a preferable method of preparing high performance Pt catalysts for the DMFC cathode.


direct methanol fuel cell, cathode catalyst, RuO2/C support, Pt/RuO2/C catalyst, microwave method

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