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Spinel lithium titanate(Li4Ti5O12) nanosheets with a size range of 200 ~400 nm were synthesized by hydrothermal process from the amorphous hydrous titanium oxide precursors.The as-prepared products were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction(XRD),scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and transmission electron microscopy(TEM).The electrochemical behaviors of Li4Ti5O12 electrode in conventional organic electrolyte and ionic liquid electrolyte were investigated by using cyclic voltammetry,galvanostatic charge-discharge and AC impedance techniques.The experimental results indicate that the as-prepared nanostructured Li4Ti5O12,evaluated as anode material,exhibited good reversibility and cycle performance.It is expected to be a potential anode material for commerical battery applications.


Li4Ti5O12, nanosheet, ionic liquid, electrolyte, lithium ion battery

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