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Xia-qin WU


Poly-L-lysine(PLL) was electropolymerized onto the surface of glassy carbon(GC) electrode.1[(3-dimethylamino)propyl]-3-ethylcarbodiimide hydrochloride(EDC) was used as a Cross-linking agent to immobilized Chloroperoxidase(CPO) onto the PLL/GC electrode.A pair of well-defined redox peaks was observed at CPO-PLL/GC electrode,which clearly suggested that PLL can promote the direct electron transfer between the CPO and the GC electrodes.The cyclic voltammetry results also showed that the electron transfer at CPO-PLL/GC is a surface adsorption-controlled quasi-reversible process,which is accompanied with proton transfer.The CPO-PLL/GC electrode exhibited a good electrochemical stability and excellently electrocatalytic activity for electrochemical reduction of O2.


chloroperoxidase, poly-L-lysine, electropolymerization, direct electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, modified electrode

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