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Hui HE


The electrochemical behavior of EuCl3 in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chlorid([BMIM]Cl) has been investigated in the temperature range of 328 ~ 348 K by cyclic voltammetry.Influences of scan speed and temperature in [BMIM]Cl have been examined.The electrochemical window of [BMIM]Cl was-1.7 V ~ 0.80 V(vs.Ag/AgCl),when the working electrode was glassy carbon electrode.Eu3+ in[BMIM]Cl underwent a single step one-electron transfer reduction to Eu2 +,which is quasi-reversible reaction controlled by both electron transfer and diffusion of ions.The diffusion coefficient of Eu3 + in [BMIM]Cl increased with increase of temperature from 3.75 × 10-9 cm2 /s at 328 K to 1.32 × 10-8 cm2 /s at 348 K and the activation energy was found to be 62.6 kJ/mol.


room temperature ionic liquid, [BMIM]Cl, europium, cyclic voltammetry

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