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Dao-bao CHU


The nanoporous Ti-based TiO2 films electrodes modified with Pb particles(Pb/nanoTiO2) were prepared by using anodization and potentiostatic electro-deposition.The optimum deposition conditions were determined by comparing with various deposition potentials and time.The SEM analyses indicated that the TiO2 films were homogeneous nanoporous structure,and the Pb particles well dispersed on the TiO2 films.The L-cystine electrocatalytic activity reduction on the Pb/nanoTiO2 film electrodes was investigated by cyclic voltammetry and Chronoamperometric curves.The results showed that this type of the electrode posseses high acticity and stability.


L-cystine, electrocatalytic reduction, Pb/nanoTiO2 film electrode, L-cysteine, electrodeposition

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