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Kai-yu LIU


Nano-MnO2 was prepared by using P123 as a soft template.The MnO2 /polyaniline composite was further prepared by polymerization of aniline with the nano-MnO2 in acidic conditions and was investigated by XRD and IR.The morphology of nano-MnO2 observed by SEM was changed with the introduction of aniline.The electrochemical properties of MnO2 /PANI electrode were investigated using cyclic voltammetry,galvanostatic charge-discharge and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.The specific capacitance of MnO2 /PANI electrode could reach as high as 190.8 F·g-1,which decayed only 4.7% over 500 cycles.And the coulombic efficiency has been maintained at above 97%.


MnO2, polyaniline, composites, supercapacitor, electrochemical property soft-template

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