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Bo-rong WU


The Ni(OH)2 cathode material of MH/Ni was doped by NiO,which behaves as a capacitor and can improve the charge-discharge rate capacity of Ni(OH)2.The electrochemical properties of Ni(OH)2 was characterized by charge-discharge curves and cyclic voltammetry.The results showed that the material had the best discharge property when doped by 5% NiO,and the discharge specific capacity could reach 310.1 mAh/g at 0.2 C rate and remianed 79.5% at 3 C rate.The difference oxidation and reduction potentials between the of the battery was 164 mV when the Ni(OH)2 was doped by 5% NiO,which showed a good cyclic property.


MH/Ni batteries, NiO, Ni(OH)2, high rate charge-discharge

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