CoAPO-5 molecular sieve was hydrothermally synthesized. The Cobalt ions in CoAPO-5 were coordinated with the SALEN ligend diffusing into the channels of the molecular sieve to form CoSALEN complexes. The electrochemical behaviors and electrocatalysis for dioxygen reduction of the CoSALEN complex immobilized in APO-5 modified glassy carbon electrodes ( GCEs) have been investigated by cyclic voltammetry( CV) and chronoamperometry ( CA) in differrent pH aqueous solutions. The results showed that the PS/CoSALEN/APO-5 /GC modified electrode is of the high electrocatalytic activity towards dioxygen reduction in pH 6. 86 buffer solution with a reduced overpotential of 447 mV lower than bare GC electrode. The electroreduction of O2 at the modified GCEs is irreversibly diffusion-controlled with four electrons per O2 molecule. The catalytic mechanism of dioxygen reduction at the PS/CoSALEN/APO-5 /GCE is suggested according to the results from CV and potential step chronoamperometry.


CoSALEN/APO-5, modified electrodes, electrocatalysis, dioxygen reduction, cyclic voltammetry

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