The Ni-Ru-Ir electrode coating was fabricated by thermal decomposition and oxidation. Electrochemical properties of Ni-Ru-Ir electrode coating and pure nickel cathode in the 30% NaOH solutions at 90 ℃( conditions of the industrial electrolysis) ,have been investigated by cyclic voltammetry,Tafel curves and chronoamperometry. The results show that the Ni-Ru-Ir oxide electrode coating exhibited high catalytic activity. At the current density of 0. 3 A·cm-2,the lowest hydrogen evolution overpotential of Ni-Ru-Ir oxide electrode coating was about 300 mV lower than Ni. The roughness and excharge current density of Ni-Ru-Ir electrode coating were 32 and 4 times,respectively,larger than those of pure nickel cathode. Hence,the Ni-Ru-Ir oxide electrode is expected to be able to reduce energy consumption of chlor-alkali industry.


chlor-alkali industry, thermal decomposition and oxidation, energy consumption, hydrogen evolution reaction activity

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