Cathode material Li3V2( PO4) 3 /C for Lithium-ion battery was synthesized by combination of ball milling and baking. Physical and electrochemical performances of as-prepared materials were characterized through XRD,EIS and galvanostatic cell cycling. The results show that the products were monoclinic Li3 V2 ( PO4) 3 with well-developed crystal structure. At 0. 1C,0. 25C and 0. 5C,the initial discharge capacities were 150. 6,134. 1 and 107. 1 mAh·g-1 ,respectively. Capacity retention rates were 87. 3% after 130 cycles at 0. 25C and 87. 2% after 105 cycles at 0. 5C. Charge-discharge efficiencies were all above 80% and the average discharge voltage was higher. The Li + inserted / deinserted processes from Li3 V2 ( PO4 ) 3 were accompanied by clear two-phase changes. Charge-transfer resistance and SEI film impedance were main factors affecting rate properties.


Li3V2( PO4) 3, cathode material, Li-ion batteries, ball milling, electrochemical performance

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