Gold nanocubes were synthesized by a two-step seed-mediated growth method. The Aucore-Pdshell and Aucore-Pdshell-Ptcluster nanocubes with controllable shell thickness of Pd and cluster coverage of Pt were synthesized by simply changing the amount ratio of H2PdCl4 or H2PtCl6. The samples were characterized by scanning electron microscope ( SEM) 、transmission electron microscopc ( TEM) and cyclic voltammetry ( CV) . CV was then used to make a systematic study on the dependence of the electrocatalytic properties on the shell thickness of Aucore-Pdshell and Pt coverage of Aucore-Pdshell-Ptcluster,respectively. The results indicated that the Au nanocube core coated by three atomic layers of Pd and submonolayer of Pt exhibited extremely high catalytic activity for electrooxidation of formic acid.


Au nanocubes, Aucore-Pdshell-Ptcluster nanoparticles, formic acid, electrocatalysis

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