Electrochemical noise ( ECN) measurement can provide information about both corrosion rate and corrosion type while inflicting no perturbation on the studied system. The ECN data of steel rebar in SPS with different amount of Cl-were collected and treated by discrete wavelet transformation to evaluate the contribution from transients in different frequency in the overall signals. Energy distribution plot( EDP) indicated in SPS with 0. 0001 mol/L NaCl,the transients with time constant between 16 ~ 32 s were found to be predominant over other processes; while in SPS with higher Cl-concentration,the trend toward active corrosion became the main process. It is concluded that the threshold Cl-concentration determining corrosion/passivation of steel rebar in SPS is between 10-4 ~ 10-3 mol/L.


electrochemical noise, wavelet analysis, rebar stee

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