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Qi-ling ZHONG(zhqiling@163.com)


By using Au nanoparticles with a diameter of 55 nm as the core and ascorbic acid as the reductant, Aucore@ Ptshell nanoparticles of controllable Pt shell thickness( 0. 3 ~ 6 nm) were synthesized by controlling the concentration of [PtCl6]2 - ions. The ultraviolet-visible absorption spectrometry,scanning electron microscope ( SEM) ,transmission electron microscope ( TEM) ,high resolution transmission electron microscope ( HRTEM) , and electrochemical cyclic voltammetry were employed to determine surface morphology and structure of Aucore@ Ptshell. With SCN - ion as a probe,the effect of the thickness of the Pt shell on the SERS signals of Aucore@ Ptshell nanoparticles was investigated. It was found that the intensities of SERS signals decreased exponentially with the increase of Pt shell thickness. The result revealed that at a shell thickness of 1. 4 nm,the core-shell nanoparticles present the chemical property of the Pt shell and having a large SERS activity.


Au@ Pt nanoparticles, controllable preparation, SERS activity

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