Corresponding Author

Shi-gang SUN(sgsun@xmu.edu.cn)


The oxidation processes of adsorbed CO (COad) and solution phase CO (COsol) on Pt(110) electrode were investigated by cyclic voltammetry and in-situ FTIR spectroscopy. It has revealed that in comparison with COad on Pt(110) in a CO-free solution,the oxidation current peak of COsol in a CO-saturated solution is positively shifted ca. 168 mV,and the peak current density has been increased by 6. 70 times. Linear adsorbed CO (COL) is determined by in-situ FTIR spectroscopy as the main species,which is uniformly distributed on Pt (110) surface. In a CO-free solution,the onset potential of COL is measured by in-situ FTIRS ca. 0. 15 V; the COL band is blue-shifted with the increase of electrode potential in the potential range where COL is stable,yielding a Stark tuning rate 30 cm -1·V -1; when the COL is oxidized at E > 0. 15 V,the COL band is red-shifted at a rate of - 56 cm -1·V -1. In the case of CO-saturated solution,the CO2 band could be appeared in the in-situ FTIR spectrum recorded at - 0. 05 V,demonstrating that the onset potential of COL oxidation is negatively shifted ca. 200 mV in comparison with Pt( 110) in a CO-free solution; the COL band is immediately red-shifted with a rate of - 26. 5 cm -1·V -1 when the potential is above - 0. 05 V.


Pt(110), CO, in situ FTIR spectroscopy

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