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Yong YANG(yyang@xmu.edu.cn)


The Li2MnSiO4 cathode material for lithium ion batteries was synthesized by sol-gel assisted hydrothermal method. XRD,FTIR and SS-NMR were used to study the phase,structure and morphology of obtained samples. Electrochemical performance of cathode material was tested. The results show that the main phase of sample prepared was Li2MnSiO4,whereas a small amount of impurities ( Li2CO3) were existed. The Li2MnSiO4 cathode material gave an initial discharging capacity of about 190 mAh·g -1. But this capacity faded rapidly during the cycling process due to the decomposition of Li2MnSiO4.


Li2MnSiO4, solid-state NMR, cathode material, lithium ion battery

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