Corresponding Author

Hai-feng YANG


In this paper,4-AAP was self-assembled on silver surface to form monolayers. Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy ( SERS) was used to in-situ investigate the adsorption mechanism of the 4-aminoantipyrine( 4-AAP) on silver surface dependent on shifting potentials and the effect of solution pH. Based on density functional theory( DFT) calculation of vibration modes,approximate assignment of 4-AAP SERS spectrum was conducted. In situ SERS spectral electrochemical experiments indicated that the 4-AAP monolayers experience a dynamic adsorption process from a tilted fashion to a more vertical mode for benzene ring and more parallel for pyrine ring with the potential applied toward more negative voltages. The complete desorption of 4-AAP from the silver surface happened as the potentials was applied at - 0. 8 V. The 4-AAP SAMs formed in acid medium anchoring at the silver surface via N15 and O3 atoms in a perpendicular fashion for the benzene ring and the tilted mode for pyrine ring. In case of the alkaline solution,benzene ring tended to being more perpendicular while pyrine ring parallel to the silver surface.


4-aminoantipyrine, in-situ SERS, electrochemistry, silver

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