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Wen-bin CAI(wbcai@fudan.edu.cn)


In situ SERS and ATR-SEIRAS were applied to investigate the electrochemical and structural properties of iron protoporphyrin IX (FePP) self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on Pt electrodes in 0. 1 mol· L -1 HClO4. The potential dependent SERS spectra of the FePP SAM on a roughened Pt electrode with the enhancement factor of ca. 40 were acquired with the excitation line of 514 nm. Analyses of SERS data over the potential region from 0. 5 to -0. 3 V enabled to obtain potential dependent adsorption isotherms,from which the formal redox potential could be estimated to be ca. - 0. 2 V. Up-tilted orientation of FePP SAM on Pt film electrode involving one peripheral propionate group attached to the surface and one propionic acid group hydrogenbonded with adjacent FePP,was deduced based on in situ ATR-SEIRAS results,without significant structural change over the potential region from -0. 1 to 0. 9 V.


SERS, SEIRAS, iron protoporphyrin IX, SAM, Pt electrodes

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