The polarization measurements and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(EIS) were used to study the corrosion electrochemical behavior of AM60 magnesium alloys in three kinds of commercial coolants for automobile engine.Results show that the tested commercial coolants are slightly corrosive to AM60 magnesium alloys and their corrosivity varies from coolant to coolant.The coolant C is the least corrosive among the studied commercial coolants and the coolant A is more corrosive than the coolant B and C.The coolant C appears to be the most promising coolant for automobile engine made by magnesium alloys.The coolant resistivity plays an important role in the corrosion of AM60 magnesium alloys in commercial coolants,and the competitive adsorption of coolant components(such as ethylene glycol and the additives) on AM60 surface is also responsible for the corrosion behavior.


magnesium alloy, commercial coolant, corrosion

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