Redox-induced orientation changes of self-assembled monolayers(SAMs) of 11-ferrocenylundecanethiol(FcC11SH) were studied by the flow-injection electrochemical surface plasmon resonance(FI-EC-SPR).Results indicated that there existed two mechanisms concerning the redox-induced structure change of the self-assembled monolayer of ferrocenylalkanethiols:the electrostatic repulsion between the positively charged surface and the ferricenium cation and that among the cations led to a decrease in the tilt angle of the alkanethiol chain;upon Fc oxidation,the Fc group rotated from a tilted conformation to a position where the cyclpentyldiene plane became perpendicular to the electrode.


self-assembled monolayers, ferrocenylalkanethiol, the tilt angle, Cp rings

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