The cyclic voltammetric performance of ZnPcF in N,N-dimethylformaide(DMF),dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO) solution and phosphate buffer solutions(PBS) has been examined.The results showed that four pairs of redox peaks appeared in nonaqueous solvents,and the values of half-wave redox potential were 0.558 V,-0.761 V,-1.034 V,-1.417 V,respectively,exhibiting four quasi-reversible phthalocyanine ligand based one-electron transfers.In PBS only two redox peaks were observed and the values of half-wave redox potential were-0.885 V,-1.104 V,exhibiting irreversible behavior characteristics.Comparing to the zinc phthalocyanine(unsubstitute ZnPc),introducing electron-withdrawing groups-trifluoroethoxyl to the peripheral sites of the phthalocyanines shifts the redox processes of the complex toward positive potentials.


zinc 4, 8, 12, 16-tetra(trifluoroethoxy) phthalocyaninate(ZnPcF), electrochemistry, cyclic voltammetry, sensitizer

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