Phenolic resin-based activated carbon fiber(ACF) was prepared by KOH activation.The electrochemical properties of pulverized phenolic resin-based carbon fiber(P-ACF) were examined in 6 mol·L-1 KOH compared with that of the original ACF.P-ACF exhibited a better capacitive behavior and showed a larger specific capacitance(200 F·g-1) as well as a lower capacitance decrease at high current densities.The pore resistance for ion migration(Rp) in P-ACF was lower(2.96 Ω) than that in ACF(4.65 Ω).Pulverization increased the exposure of the cross section,lowered the contact resistance between the carbon fibers and decreased the pore resistance for ion migration.


phenolic resin, activated carbon fiber, supercapacitor

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