In present investigation,40 Ah nickel-hydrogen cell has been manufactured and its charge-discharge properties has been performed.The results indicate that the cell exhibited the best discharge capacity(50 Ah) when the test conditions were between 0~10 ℃,on the other hand,the cell accompanied with temperature being raised to 10 ℃ while the cell was subjected to discharge operating.The cell voltage decreased to -0.2 V and the cell temperature increased continuously during the over-discharge test.The cell voltage was first increased and then decreased,but the cell temperature was climbed rapidly while the cell was performed during the over-charge test.The 40 Ah nickel-hydrogen cell has excellent discharge cut-off voltage of 1.2 V after 2350 life cycles with 57 DOD%.


aerospace store cell, nickel hydrogen cell, charge-discharge, cycle life

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[1]Lawrence H Thaller,Albert H Zimmerman.Overview of the design,development,and application of nickel-hy-drogen batteries[M].California:NASA Center for Aero-space Information,2003:12-13.

[2]Tom T Hartley.The2002NASA aerospace battery work-shop[M].Alabama:Marshall Space Flight Center,2002:245-247.



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