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Ti-base manganese dioxide (Ti/MnO2) electrode was prepared by anodically electrodeposition technology in this paper. The structure of the electrode, the microstructure of the electrode surface and the element composition of the electrode were analyzed by XRD, SEM and EDS. The preparation process parameters of the electrode were studied in detail with the help of the V~logi curve and phenol degradation curve. The Ti/MnO2 electrode was anodically electrodeposited at current density 4mA•cm-2, the Mn2 + ions concentration 0.5mol•L-1 and temperature70℃. The V~logi curve and phenol degradation curve were used to evaluate electrocatalytic oxidization properties of the electrode with phenol as the goal organisms, achievng 49.6 % degradation efficiency for 7 hours.

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MnO2, electrodeposition, electrocatalytic oxidization, phenol

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