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Xin-hua LIN(xinhua63@163.com)


In this article, a new kind of structure hairpin LNA probe was designed to detect BCR/ABL fusion gene in Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia. The LNA probe was immobilized on the gold electrode(AuE) through sulfur–Au interaction to construct specific electrochemical biosensor. The electrochemical response of the sensor to hybridization of the LNA probe with the target DNA was studied using [Cu(R)2]2+ as an electrochemical indicator. The optimal condition was discussed. The experimental results indicated that in pH 7.4 PBS buffer solution, this new method has excellent specificity for single base mismatch and complementary after hybridization. The relationship between the increased oxidation peak current of [Cu(R)2]2+ and the concentration of complementary strand was linear in the range of 1.0×10-8~1.0×10-6 mol/L. The detection limit was 2.0×10-9 mol/L.

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hairpin LNA probe, electrochemical biosensor, BCR/ABL fusion gene, [Cu2(C7H5O2)4(C2H6O)2]

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