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Lou-zhen FAN(lzfan@bnu.edu.cn)


A simple and efficient electrochemical route was developed for the synthesis of flaked spindle-like CuO nanocrystals using aqueous electrolyte and Cu sacrificial anode (graphite as the cathode) in an undivided cell at a constant potential mode under room temperature. The morphologies, structure and component of CuO nanocrystals obtained were characterized by SEM, XRD, respectively. Flaked spindle-like CuO nanocrystals were successfully used to modify a GC electrode to detect H2O2 with cyclic voltammetry (CV) and amperometric (AC).The results showed that products were pure monoclinic CuO nanocrystals. The linear range for the determination of hydrogen peroxide is from 1.0 μmol?L-1 to 1.0 mmol?L-1, the detection limit is 0.5 μmol?L-1, which suggests that flaked spindle-like CuO nanocrystals may be of great potential for H2O2 electrochemical sensing.

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flaked spindle-like CuO nanocrystals, electrochemical, H2O2, catalyse oxidation

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