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A novel molecularly imprinted membranes electrochemical sensor with good memory capacity to acetamiprid was developed. Based on electrodeposition technique, chitosan was deposited onto the surface of gold electrode as a functional polymer matrix along with aimed molecules acetamiprid and glutaraldehyde as a crosslinking agent. Cationic probe Ru(NH3)6Cl3 was employed to indirectly investigate the electrochemical characteristics as well as the imprinted effect of the sensors. The results showed that the sensors had a specific recognition to acetamiprid compared to the structural similarity midacloprid and other pesticide. There is more sensitive response to acetamiprid at imprinted sensors than that at nonprinted sensors with a good linearity over the concentration range of 1.0 × 10-7 ~ 2.0 × 10-5 mol/L. The prepared sensors can be exploited for the separation and analysis performing simultaneously to acetamiprid in the pesticide residue samples.

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molecular imprinting, electrochemical sensor, chitosan, acetamiprid

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