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Jian-Ying QU(lilyqujy@yahoo.com.cn)


The electrochemical properties of Co-substituted trimeric tungstogermanate containing Keggin fragments were studied. Cyclic voltammograms revealed two couples of reversible redox peaks on glassy carbon (GC) electrode in acid solutions. They corresponded to two-electron reductions accompanying by the additions of four protons and three protons, respectively, both were controlled by adsorption. The differences in the peak potentials of 2-electron-4-proton and 2-electron-3-proton reactions were 31 mV and 35 mV, respectively..Furthermore, the tungstogermanate (GeW11Co) modified GC electrode with functionalization by poly(o-phenylenediamine) (P-oPD) was prepared readily by electropolymerization. The GeW11Co/P-oPD/GC electrode could electrocatalyze the reduction of hydrogen peroxide, which showed good stability and quick response.

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polyoxometalate, poly(o-phenylenediamine), chemically modified electrode, electrocatalytic reduction, hydrogen peroxide

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