The macroporous ATO/SiO2 materials were prepared through multiple steps of hydrolysis deposition in ethylene glycol and acetonitrile mixed solutions of SnCl2/SbCl3 and subsequent calcination at high temperature. The structures of the obtained materials were characterized by means of SEM and XRD. The results showed that the nano-ATO chemically deposited on the SiO2 support underwent well-controlled aggregation and recrystallization to form a sandwich structure (ATO-SiO2-ATO). Through four times loading of ATO the volume resistivity and the specific surface area reached 10 ??cm and 77 m2?g-1, respectively. The oxygen evolution potential on macroporous ATO/SiO2 anode was 2.5 V in acidic condition and exhibited the electro-catalysis ability in degradation of 4-chlorophenol. It was also found that Fe2+ can significantly improve the current efficiency of ATO/SiO2 macroporous electrode in 4-chlorophenol solution by promoting the generation of OH radicals.

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macroporous SiO2, nano-ATO, electro-catalytic degradation, 4-chlorophenol

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