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Quan-Feng DONG(qfdong@xmu.edu.cn)


In this work, the nano-NiO material was prepared by hydrothermal method. The surface morphologies and electrochemical properties of nano-NiO material were investigated. The special nano-NiO material with porous surface assembling honeycombs(100-200nm) was obtained by using surface active agents. The discharge capacity of nano-NiO electrode up to 2385.7 mAh/g was achieved at current density of 0.1A/g in the first circle,while 1100mAh/g could be maintained after 100 circles. At current density of 2.0A/g, the discharge capacity of 600 mAh/g was obtained. And when the current density was reduced to 0.1A/g, the discharge capacity was restored to 1050 mAh/g. The nano-NiO electrode exhibited excellent cycling performance and rate capability.

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