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Wei HANG;Ning LI(lininghit@263.net);Chang-jian LIN(cjlin@xmu.edu.cn)


The array reference electrodes were developed to in situ measure the potential distributions of the welded 316 stainless steel in 12% FeCl3 solution, combined with metallographic analysis, polarization curve, EIS measurement and Kelvin volta potential imaging. It was indicated that the weld zone of metal suffered a serious preferential corrosion when immersed in the environment due to the distinct changes of structure and composition during the welding process. With time prolonging, the corrosion potential of the welding zone was negatively shifted to a maximum value, and then declined gradually. At 45 min immersion, the corrosion development from welding zone to the basic substrate area was observed. The consistent results of the corrosion imagings were obtained by both array reference electrodes and scanning Kelvin imaging for the welded 316 stainless steel.

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316 stainless steel, weld zone;corrosion, array reference electrodes

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