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Jun YANG(yangj723@sjtu.edu.cn)


The (PhMgCl)2-AlCl3 salts were prepared and the electrochemical properties of (PhMgCl)2-AlCl3 electrolytes containing dimethoxyethane(DME)+THF, Diglyme(DG)+THF and Tetraglyme(TG)+THF solvents with different proportions on various metal electrodes were studied. Compared with (PhMgCl)2-AlCl3/THF, the (PhMgCl)2-AlCl3/DG+THF(3:2) solvents showed high ionic conductivity of 1.605×10-3 S?cm-1, good reversible Mg deposition behavior and anodic anti-oxidation performance with an electrochemical window wider than 2.8 V. In addition, the DG+THF mixed solvent could greatly lower the saturated vapor pressure by reducing from 23.46 kPa to 9.41 kPa, which suppresses volatilization of the electrolyte and improves the overall safety of rechargeable battery. Among Pt, Ni, Cu and Al electrodes, Pt offers the best electrochemical properties, while Al the worst.

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electrolyte solution, vapor pressure, reversible Mg deposition, rechargeable magnesium battery

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