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Xiang-Ming HE(hexm@tsinghua.edu.cn)


The Sn/Cu electrodes were prepared by electroplating method and their morphologies under different galvanization current densities were determined by SEM. In alkali, the effects of Sn/Cu electrodes on the activities towards hydrogen evolution and electrochemical reduction of CO2 were investigated in alkaline solutions using a three-electrode system. These results indicated that the Sn/Cu electrodes prepared at 10 mA/cm2 and 15 mA/cm2 showed good activities, while that prepared at 15 mA/cm2 was even better in activities. The synergetic structure of the Sn/Cu electrode to be beneficial to electrochemical reduction of CO2 has been pointed out.

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Sn/Cu, electrode, electrochemical reduction of CO2

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