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Chong-Tai WANG(wct581@sina.com)


Electrochemical properties of the Keggin-type lacunary heteropolysilicate anion SiW11O398- (SiW11) and its indirect electrocatalysis for H2O2 reduction in the supporting electrolyte containing 0.1 mol?L-1 NaHSO4 and Na2SO4 solutions were investigated using cyclic voltammetry, square wave voltammetry and alternating current impedance spectroscopy. Experimental results indicated that SiW11 showed two pairs of reversible redox waves on the glassy carbon (GC) electrode in an acidic solution. The electron transfer number corresponding to the two pairs of waves was one, and the proton transfer number involved was two during the electrode reaction. The diffusion coefficient (D0) of SiW11 calculated from the linear relationship of peak current versus square root of potential scan rate was determined to be 8.92×10-6 cm2?s-1 in 0.1 mol?L-1 NaHSO4 and Na2SO4 solutions. The SiW11 displayed an obvious electrocatalytic activity for the H2O2 reduction. The electrocatalytic peak potential moved to positive direction with the decrease in the solution pH, and the peak current increased. The electrocatalytic process was facilitated by proton through a synergic effect. The pseudo-first order rate constant of the homogeneous reaction was determined to be 0.30 s-1. The indirect electrocatalytic process of SiW11 towards H2O2 reduction was considered to take place through a mechanism involved in a so-call “the seven-coordinate W-O peroxo species”.

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lacunary heteropolysilicate, electrocatalysis, cyclic voltammetry, alternating current impedance, H2O2 reduction

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