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Wen-Sheng YANG


CoAl-LDH or Co(OH)2 coated spherical Ni(OH)2 precursors were obtained via a co-precipitation method at a constant pH. The mixtures of the precursors and LiOH.H2O were annealed at high temperature in O2 atmosphere, and then the cathode materials of 0.08LiCo0.75Al0.25O2-0.92LiNiO2, 0.08LiCoO2-0.92LiNiO2 and LiNiO2 were synthesized. Effects of the coating layer were also studied. The results showed that the 0.08LiCo0.75Al0.25O2-0.92LiNiO2 material possessed the best rate and cycle life performance. The discharging capacities at 0.1C, 0.5C and 3C were 211 mAh.g-1, 195.6 mAh.g-1 and 161 mAh.g-1, respectively, and the capacity retention ratio after 30 cycles at 0.5C was 93.2 %. These performances were much better than those of both pure LiNiO2 and 0.08LiCoO2-0.92LiNiO2.

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Li-ion battery, cathode material, LiNiO2, LiCo0.75Al0.25O2, coating

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