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Ai-Shui YU(asyu@fudan.edu.cn)


The bamboo charcoal had been milled and treated by sulfuric acid. The influences of as-prepared material particle size and sulfuric acid treatment on the electrochemical performance had been studied. The result displays that the bamboo charcoal with mean particle size about 5 μm has the best first coulombic efficiency. Sulfuric acid treatment could raise the discharge capacity of bamboo charcoal, and the first discharge capacity of 328.2 mAh.g-1 was obtained with the bamboo charcoal treated by sulfuric acid for 18 h. Furthermore, the capacity of 302.3 mAh.g-1 could be maintained for 50 cycles, showing good cycle performance.

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bamboo charcoal, anode, lithium ion battery

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