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Pei-Kang SHEN(pkshen@gxu.edu.cn)


A 40% Pt on Mo2C/GC catalyst has been prepared by ion exchange method. The mechanism of methanol electrooxidation on Pt-Mo2C/GC and commercial Pt/C catalysts in acidic media was studied by cyclic voltammetry, XRD measurements and in-situ Fourier transform infrared spectroelectrochemistry. The results revealed that the Pt nanoparticles were uniformly dispersed on Mo2C/GC with an average particle size of 3 nm. The cyclic voltammetric and chronopotentiometric experiments indicated that Pt-Mo2C/GC catalyst exhibited a better performance for methanol oxidation than that of Pt/C in acid solution. A negative shift over 90 mV of the onset potential for methanol oxidation was found on Pt-Mo2C/GC compared with that on Pt/C. The in situ FTIR spectroelectrochemical measurements indicated that the intermediate products of methanol oxidation on Pt/C catalyst were bridge COB and linear COL. No CO was detected on Pt-Mo2C/GC catalyst during the oxidation of methanol by FTIR spectroscopy, indicating the electrooxidation was a non-poisoning process.

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electrocatalysis, Pt-Mo2C/GC, Pt/C, methanol oxidation, In situ Fourier transform infrared spectroelectrochemistry

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