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Shi-Jun LIAO(chsjliao@scut.edu.cn)


A high performance membrane electrode assembly (MEA) with low platinum loadings was successfully prepared with atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique. The anode of the MEA was prepared by depositing platinum on the carbon paper substrate, which was prepared by coating the slurry of carbon black (XC-72R) and Teflon, followed by drying and calcining at 350 °C. The MEAs consisted of the ALD anode or commercial catalyst anode, pretreated Nafion membrane (Nafion-117) and commercial cathode. Performances of MEAs were measured by single cell testing, and the anodes and MEAs were characterized by CV, SEM, TEM and XRD. The results revealed that the active component, Pt, was highly dispersed in the ALD anode and MEA with ALD anode showed excellent activity and stability. The mass activity could be high up to 3.34 kW.(gPt)-1, which is 1.76 times higher than that of the MEA with the anode prepared with commercial catalyst and conventional method. The high performance with low platinum loadings and high utilization of platinum make the ALD technique promising to be used in PEM fuel cell.

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atomic layer deposition, membrane electrode assembly, low Pt loading

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