The essential of the rotation of complex impedance diagram in some electrochemical systems is discussed. It is attributing to that the electrochemical capacitance usual is not simple real capacitor but must be complex number capacitance. As the examples: 1, the metal/support electrolyte electrode in the ideal polarization condition, the capacitance must be that of the electrochemical double layer and represents complex number properties. Its complex impedance diagram was not a line parallel to imaginary axis but rotated clockwise α=arctgC"/C'. 2, In the case of insertion/desertion electrodes, the capacitance must be that of the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI). The rotation of impedance diagram also was attributing to the complex number properties of the capacitance of SEI membrane. The capacity and the rotation angle may be used to characterize the electric and the structure properties of the SEI.

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alternating current impedance, rotation of complex impedance diagram, complex capacitance, constant phase element, solid electrolyte interphase

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