Corresponding Author

Quan-feng DONG(qfdong@xmu.edu.cn)


Hollow carbon spheres were prepared by the PMMA template. Hollow carbon spheres/sulfur composite was made from sulfur and hollow carbon spheres as a conducting framework. The results of SEM and TEM showed that sulfur was uniformly filled in both of the shell and hollow core of hollow carbon spheres. The electrochemical performance of hollow carbon spheres/sulfur composite was characterized by the charge/discharge method. The results showed the excellent rate and cycle performance of hollow carbon spheres/sulfur composite. The reversible capacities of hollow carbon spheres/sulfur composite are 1145 mAh·g-1, 824 mAh·g-1, 702 mAh·g-1, 586 mAh·g-1 and 395 mAh·g-1 at the current densities of 100 mA·g-1, 500 mA·g-1, 1 A·g-1, 2 A·g-1 and 5 A·g-1, respectively.


hollow carbon sphere, ithium-sulfur batteries, composite

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