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Zi-feng MA(zfma@sjtu.edu.cn)


A novel composite electrolyte SDC-(Li/Na)2SO4 was prepared for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells (ITSOFC). The phase structure and cross-sectional morphology were examined by XRD and SEM, respectively, and the ionic conductivity was investigated by AC impedance in a temperature range of 400 oC ~ 700 oC in air. It was found that the composite electrolyte was composed of two phases: crystal SDC and amorphous (Li/Na)2SO4. The conductivity of the composite electrolyte was significantly larger than that of SDC at intermediate temperatures (550 oC ~ 700 oC) and increased with temperature in three stages: 1) T<500 oC, the apparent activation energy of ionic transport was 1.28 eV; 2) In the range of 500 oC ~ 550 oC, the ionic conductivity rapidly increased due to the melting of sulfate; 3) T>550 oC, the conductivity slowly raised with temperature, the activation energy decreased significantly to 0.30 eV, and the values of the conductivity of SDC-(Li/Na)2SO4 were notabily higher than those of SDC and previously reported SDC-(Li/Na)2CO3. For example, the conductivity of SDC-(Li/Na)2SO4 was 0.217 S·cm-1 at 550 oC, which was 25 times higher than that of SDC and 3.2 times higher than that of SDC-(Li/Na)2CO3. The results indicate that the ionic conducting mechanism changes in composite electrolyte due to the melting of the sulfate second phase, and the diffusion and transmission of ions are accelerated.


composite electrolyte, solid oxide fuel cells, samaria doped ceria, conductivity

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