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Jia-De WANG(jdwang@zjut.edu.cn)


In response to the characteristics of dye wastewater, the electrochemical oxidation of effluents from the biochemical process of dyeing wastewater was studied in the electrochemical reactor using PbO2/Ti electrode as the anode and stainless steel plate as the cathode. The results revealed that the electrochemical oxidation could simultaneously remove the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), ammonia and chromaticity. At the residence time of 60 min and current density of 10 mA·cm-2, the COD, ammonia, chromaticity, concentration of chloride ion and pH values could meet the water standards for “the reuse of urban recycling water-water quality standard for industrial use” (GB/T 19923-2005) with the current efficiency of 45.6%. The energy consumption was 4.1 kW·h for advanced treatment of per ton wastewater.

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Dyeing wastewater, reuse, PbO2/Ti electrode

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