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Xiang-bo LI(lixb@sunrui.net)


Taking aluminium (Al) powder mixed with 10% (by volume) of Al2O3 powder as raw materials, the Al coating was prepared on the Q235 carbon steel substrate using a portable low pressure cold spraying equipment. Through the measurements of the corrosion potential and potentiodynamic polarization, the electrochemical corrosion behavior of the low pressure cold sprayed Al coating in seawater was studied in comparison with those of the Al coatings deposited with high pressure cold spray and thermal spray processes. At the same time, the surface and cross-section morphologies of these coatings were observed with scanning electron microscope. The results showed that the corrosion resistance of the low-pressure cold spraying Al coating, which is compact, is lower than that of the high pressure cold sprayed Al coating, while much higher than that of the thermally sprayed Al coating.

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low pressure cold spraying, aluminum coating, thermal spraying, corrosion resistance

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