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Hai-yan WANG(wanghy419@126.com)


Anode material has become the key issue for restricting the development of aqueous lithium ion battery (ALIB). Flake-like LiV3O8 materials were synthesized by sol-gel method using sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (SDBS) as a template. The XRD and SEM results showed that as-prepared flake-like LiV3O8 was of high purity with monoclinic system and P21/m space group. LiMn2O4//Li2SO4//LiV3O8 ALIB was assembled and tested. As observed, the flake-like LiV3O8 here exhibited good high-rate performance and cycling stability. A high discharge capacity of 154 mAh.g-1 (based on the mass of negative electrode) was delivered at 0.1C (1C=300 mA.g-1). At 1C, 5C and 10C rates, the reversible discharge capacities of 134 mAh.g-1, 78 mAh.g-1 and 54 mAh.g-1 were retained, respectively. More importantly, the capacity retention after 170 cycles at 1C was about 60%.

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aqueous Li-ion battery, LiV3O8, sol-gel method, electrochemical properties

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