In this work a combination method of A. C. Impedance and chronoamperometry was used to determine the lithium ion transport number of LiClO_4·(PEO)_(20)·(PC)_(12)·(EC)_(12) polymer electrolyte. It is known that lithium is thermodynamically unstable in non-aqueous or polymer electrolytes, leading to the formtion of a film on lithium surface, called as solid electrolyte interphase (SEI). The presence of SEI layer will greatly influence the experimental result of lithium ion transport number. The new method avoid the effect of SEI layer, and can give correct transport number of lithium ion in the electrolyte of DCIO_4·(PED)_(20)·(PC)_(12)·(EC)_(12). The exporimental result indicates that the conducrivity of the electrolyte is 0. 8 ×10 ̄(-3)s/cm, Li ̄+ transport number is 0. 30 at 25℃.


Polymer electrolyte, Lithium ion transport numbet

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