Cold-roll-milling has been evaluated as a technique for preparing porous LiAlO_2 matrices for use as a molten carbonate fuel cell electrolyte matrix. This technique produces reliable electrolyte structures with the following characteristics and advantages: ease of handling, uniform thickness, using nontoxic inorganic solvents, controlled pore size distribution, and ability to be impregnated with the alkali carbonate without fracrure.The Molren Carbnatod Fuel Cell(MCFC) was assembled from sintered Ni electrodes and LiAlO_2 electrolyte matrix, the electrode area is 28 cm ̄2, the effect of operating conditions on cell performance was tested, it was found that the cell performance changed little with many times of starting. At current density 100 mA/cm ̄2 , the cell volltage is 0. 95 V. At current density 125 mA/cm ̄2, the cell output power is 114 mW/cm ̄2. At fuel utilization 80%, the cell energy efficiency is 61%.


Molten Carbnate Fuel Cell, Cell performance, Output power, Energy efficiency

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