Myoglobin undergoes irreversible heterogeneous electron transfer reactions at bare metal electroeds. Thus, much effort has been devoted to obtain quasi-reversible electrochemical reactions of myoglobin at metal electrodes modified with mediators ̄(1~3). However, the electron transfer rates at the above modified electrodes is very small so that the spectroelectrochemical techniques should be used in the most of studies. Recently, Taniguchi et al ̄[4]. reported that a quasi-reversible electrochemical reaction of the purified horse heart myoglobin was observed at an indium oxide electrode with cyclic voltammetry technique. It was suggested that high purification of myoglobin may be the main reason for obtaining a quasi-reversible electroChemical reaction of myoglobin in the cyclic voltammetry experiments. In this papor, it was reported for the first time that a pair of well-defined redox peaks were oberved in the CV of the commercially available horse heart myoglobin without further purification at an indium oxide electrode after oxygen was eliminated from the solution and the molecules of the oxldized form of myoglobin, i. e.metmyoglobin.


Myoglobin, Cyclic Voltammetry, synchronous Fluorescence Spectroscopy Acknowlegment The authors are grateful for the financial support of National Science Foundation of China.

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